Gaspard Records was established to realize two concepts.

                 1. Digging up new talents, and introducing artists who haven't got
                   enough estimations from critics and societies, even though they
                   have much abilities and careers.

                 2. Digging up and introducing marvelous and remarkable music
                   sources which have been out of prints for a long time.

               These two points are the basic concepts to manage our company.
               We want to inform the fact to people in the world, that there are so many
               unknown important players and recordings which are fading away from
               our memories, even if they are so wonderful and so unforgettable.
               We think this is our mission.
               We have to continue this action as long as we can, and make it possible to
               get these precious sources for anybody in the world.
               This action may be difficult as a business for big companies, but somebody
               has to do that with good conscience.
               We wish our company, Gaspard Records, will contribute to make it diffuse
               the real art wich has real value.
               We hope our action will make people happy and peaceful all over the world.

                                                   Réi Karieux

                                             producer, Gaspard Records