Feb 20, 2017   Added 6 CDs in Archives

                 Astor Piazzolla "Live in Tokyo 1982"
                 Ramberto Ciammarughi "New Music for Trio"
                 Édouard Ferlet "Think Bach"
                 Mikhail Pletnev "Hommage à Rachmaninov"
                 Alfred Brendel "Beethoven: Bagatelles"
                 Alfred Brendel "Recital 1991 Recording"

     Jul 24, 2016    Gaspard Records is ready to reopen.
                 You can order anytime on website, but we can't ship before August 10

     Mar 29, 2016   Gaspard Records is moving to Paris on June 1, 2016

     Nov 29, 2015   Added 6 CDs in Archives  

                 Chick Corea "Super Trio" 
                 Kiyoshi Kitagawa "Solo" 
                 Kiyoshi Kitagawa "Solo II" 
                 Suguru Miyaji "The Weather Eyes" 
                 Suguru Miyaji "Future Swing" 
                 Suguru Miyaji "Be Water" 

     Nov 23, 2015   New CD will be released on December 5, 2015

                 Rikako Matsui "ILLUMINATION"

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     Nov 23, 2015   The homepage of Gaspard Records was started up.