Our gallery is a speciality gallery which has mainly estampes and
        We deal with the only artists selected by our eyes and sensibilities,
        in spite of their profession. We don't deal with famous artists, if we
        don't feel anything from them. The other way, we gladly deal with
        artists that we think they have rich talent, even if they are not famous.
        We never say that we are absolutely fair, but we judge the values of
        works with our strict senses.
        We will show you great works with great values in the future, such like
        the works that we surely hope they will exist in the world to come.
        We always think the possession of art works must not be the privilege
        of only the rich people. We think art must be shared with all people in
        all situations. And we think art must bring us some hopes toward
        the future.
        We wish the works that you will come and buy in our gallery will make
        you hopeful.